My skills reflect my ADD tendencies. I like to jump around in art style and medium because I love the tools and process as much as the end result. Paint, draw, print, weld, and woodwork; wrench a car, motorcycle, and bicycle. It doesn't matter; it's all art and I love mucking around in there. I also love to fix stuff that would otherwise end up in a landfill and to take things apart just to see how they work.



Experience Summary:

18 years of game-industry experience, from production artist to management, across multiple platforms, including PC, Console, and Mobile Devices.

Management Experience:

  • Define and develop visual goals and art direction for studios' titles.
  • Manage day-to-day operations for a team of up to 26 artists, including Painter/Modelers, Animators, FX Artists, Lighters/TDs, Concept Artists, UI Designers, Outsource Managers,
    and Department Producers.  Responsibilities included tasking, dailies, annual reviews,
    team-building, and general "firefighting".
  • Interface and negotiate with publishers, and manage documentation.
  • Develop outsourcing pipelines and relationships, including project scoping and contract negotiations.
  • Interact with all departments to define needs, including tech for visuals with Programming, level pipelines with Design, Character pipelines with Animation, and resource management and scheduling with Production.
  • Build and improve the Art Department, including screening candidates' portfolios, interviewing and hiring qualified candidates.
  • Represent Art Department in all business matters, including resource management and budgeting.

Production Experience:


  • UI Visual Design and Asset creation
  • Concept Art
  • Environment Art
  • Character Art
  • Marketing Art
  • Basic Rigging and Animation

Console and PC:

  • Environment Modeling and Texturing.
  • Character Texturing.
  • Prop-Modeling and Texturing.
  • UI Visual Design and Art.
  • Marketing Art.

Gameography (partial list):

Puzzle Raiders - iOS, Android - Art Director/Production Artist (2014) Developer / Publisher: Shiny Shoe

Unannounced title -iOS, Android -  Contract Environment/Prop Artist (2014) Developer / Publisher: Warner Brothers

Unannounced title - Contract Line Artist (2013) Developer / Publisher: Kixeye

OFFWORLD – iOS, Android – Production Artist (2012) Developer: Shiny Shoe / Publisher: 6waves

Resistance: Burning Skies - PlayStation Vita – Art Director (2012) Developer: Nihilistic Software / Publisher: SCEA

PlayStation Move Heroes - PS3 – Art Director (2011) Developer: Nihilistic Software / Publisher: SCEA

Zombie Apocalypse – XBLA / PSN – Department Director (2009) Developer: Nihilistic Software / Publisher: Konami

Conan – Xbox 360, PS3 – Art Director (2007) Developer: Nihilistic Software / Publisher: THQ

Marvel Nemesis – Xbox, PS2, GameCube – Lead Artist (2005) Developer: Nihilistic Software / Publisher: EA

Starcraft Ghost – Xbox, PS2, GameCube – Environment/Prop/UI Artist (unreleased) Developer: Nihilistic Software / Publisher: Blizzard

Vampire the Masquerade – PC – Environment/Prop/UI Artist (2000) Developer: Nihilistic Software / Publisher: Activision

Requiem: Wrath of the Fallen – PC – Environment/UI Artist (1998) Developer: Cyclone Studio / Publisher: 3DO

Battlesport – 3DO – Production Artist (1995) Developer: Cyclone Studios / Publisher: 3DO

Captain Quazar – 3DO – Production Artist (1995) Developer: Cyclone Studios / Publisher: 3DO


MFA Printmaking

San Francisco Art Institute

BA Art

University of California, Berkeley

Software Experience:






References available upon request.