Puzzle Raiders     iOS, Android/Shiny Shoe

All-around production artist/AD

OFFWORLD     iOS, Android/6Waves

UI, general production

I worked mostly under the hood for OFFWORLD. I handled UI graphics, but the overall look (beautiful background, mech and character art) is by Jim Moore.

StarCraft: Ghost     XBox/Blizzard

Environment Art, Props, UI, Character Textures

Too bad this game never made it out the door. It was looking quite good for its time and had everything but the kitchen sink in it as far as gameplay. Actually, come to think of it, I'm fairly certain I did model a kitchen sink for this game...

Vampire the Masquerade: Redemption   PC/Activision

Environment textures, props, UI

Some UI paintings from Vampire and a couple screenshots for kicks. It's funny to see the old in-game screenshots at the end there; PC graphics have come a long way.

Requiem: Wrath of the Fallen (aka: Avenging Angel)     PC/3DO

Environment textures, props, UI

Some UI and box cover paintings from our David Carson phase back in the day.